Artist’s Statement:

I have been shooting the nude figure since the first time I picked up a camera for an Introduction to Photography class in college over 30 years ago.
To me, the nude represents the complexity of what it is to be human – from the most flawed to the most beautiful. 
Recently, my work has evolved from mere explorations of the human form to attempts to connect with my subject more intimately to reveal the variety of the human condition, from joy to despair, from sensual to erotic.
Human sexuality is a major part of social life. It is, sometimes unjustly,  governed by social norms and the status quo. 

Society's views on sexuality have changed throughout history and are continuously evolving. In my work, I try to show this evolution.
Sexuality should not be shied away from and relegated to the dark corners of the internet, but should be celebrated and embraced as a vital part of who we are as a people.


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