There are times when all around us things are happening that make no sense. 

The horrors of war, the sadness of inequality, the growing tension of racial divide. The lack of leadership from our elected officials.

We read about these travesties and others but all we do is watch. Maybe a stray comment on social media, maybe a repost of an atrocity but for the most part, we do nothing.

In this gallery I hope to vent my outrage with my art and possibly provoke my viewers to take an active role and fight back against the injustices around us.

We can no longer live in silence.

A Social Equality Photographic Project

Your Turn to

Make a Statement

Demonstration, Greensburg, PA 2006

"The Thin Line"

In our daily lives we find out that there is really a thin

line between love and hate. Each one is approached with great passion and conviction. Scientists have shown that similar circuitry in the brain is active when each of these feelings are aroused.

But this is where the similarity ends. This is where that

line gets thick.

There are people in this world who hate a thing or person just because they are different. They do not tolerate this difference or take the time to understand their values or their points of view.  It seems they hate just for hate’s sake. No true justification, no rhyme or reason. Just nasty, deep hatred.

On the other side of this line are those who have compassion, who can look at the world and

put themselves in the other guys place.

Who want a world where people of different races, religions and cultures can exist to the yield a greater good.

Unfortunately, this line gets crossed and in the middle, stands our law enforcement; who’s task is to uphold the Constitution of the United States. To protect both the lovers and the haters from harm. To protect the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of expression.

These freedoms are for everyone, not just whom we agree with.

As divisive and ugly as some peoples hate rhetoric can get, those with love in their hearts can stand above it and try to minimize the negative effects and help bring peace and understanding to this country and the world.

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